Pro Rodeo Clown & Barrelman

Dustin the "Jester" Jenkins

Entertainer at PBR, Entertainer at Professional Bull Riders Challenger Series and Rodeo Clown / Barrelman at PRCA ProRodeo

Over 20 years experience as a professional rodeo clown, professional barrelman and bull riding entertainer in many of the states across this amazing place I live, the USA!



Pro Rodeo Clown

A Professional Clown that knows how to entertain, be audience appropriate, while offering new and engaging acts, entertainment.

Event Promotions

We offer event promotions, autograph signings, crowd engagements, as part of our services as a Pro Rodeo Clown & Barrelman

Pro Barrelman

A Professional Barrelman can not only help engage the audience, they can also provide another level of arena protection.

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Let's talk how we can make your event, rodeo, rise above the rest with the experience, knowledge and skill of a professional Rodeo Entertainer

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