Dustin The Jester

Dustin grew up with the western lifestyle running through his blood. From his father, Larry Jenkins to his brother, LJ Jenkins, they were all able to share the “cowboy tradition” together. At the age of 11, Dustin was introduced to the rough stock events called steer riding as well as Jr. bull riding and was obsessed. He competed in bull riding, bareback, and saddle bronc for a couple of years until around the age of 13 when he took interest in bullfighting.

He started fighting in Billings, MO on Wednesdays. After taking some hard hits and getting ran over too many times, he realized he needed help from someone that knew what they were doing.

In 1998, Dustin went to a bullfighting school that Rex Dunn hosted and gained a great friendship and learned so much about fighting bulls. He fought bulls professionally until 2002 when unfortunately, he was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. Dustin did not let that slow him down. He chose to become a Professional Rodeo Clown/Barrelman and travel all over the world to entertain his fans.

Dustin has received multiple awards for "clowning around" and has entertained at some of the biggest events. Dustin strives to make people happy and laugh, and this is the reason why he chose this career path. What makes Dustin a good rodeo clown is he is full of energy, he likes to find humor in every situation, and he loves to see people laughing, especially when they need it most.

Dustin, his wife Lindsey, and family reside in Marshfield, MO. They enjoy traveling all over the world seeing different parts and meeting new people. Him and his family are a great addition to the rodeo world.

Entertainment at its finest

Dustin is the real deal, from being family-friendly, entertaining for all walks of life!

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